Terms and Conditions


By submitting your works you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

General Terms:

  1. Each art work must be the original uncopied work of the exhibitor.
  2. Each art work will be for sale at the price nominated by the artist on the entry form. Artist’s must remember to include GST where applicable.
  3. All entries must be made through the Gallery 247 on-line art and art show management system.
  4. Types, numbers and sizes of art works must conform to the “Acceptable Art Works" section of this website.
  5. All entries will undergo a Pre-Selection Process. The Organisers reserve the right to not accept a work of art and to limit the number of exhibits.

Dates - The key date related conditions are as follows:

  1. Art works will only be considered if they are submitted by the Closing Date for Initial Submissions as detailed on the Key Dates section of this Website.
  2. Accepted art works must be delivered to the Australian Watercolour Muster venue during the dates and times set aside for Delivery as detailed on the Key Dates section of this Website. No late works will be displayed.
  3. All art works must remain on display for the full duration of the Art Show
  4. All art works must be collected from the Australian Watercolour Muster venue during the designated Collection times as detailed in the Key Dates section of this Website.

Fees and commissions:

  1. An entry fee, as detailed in the Fees and Commissions section of the this Website, will be charged for each art work on submission and payable via the online entry system. Entry fees are not refundable.
  2. A commission, detailed in the Fees and Commissions section of this website, will be deducted from the catalogue price if the work is sold.

Showcasing the Finalist's Work:

The Australian Watercolour Muster 'Digital Online Gallery’ of Selected Work will be alive and visible from the 15th October 2019 until the 9th November 2019 – and will be available for viewing internationally, the size of the ‘Digital Gallery’ will be determined after receipt of submissions close on the 29th September and adjusted to suit.

Finalist's Works selected for Exhibition on the The Australian Watercolour Muster 'Digital Online Gallery’ will be made available for sale, at the price determined by the Artist - online during the Gala Weekend commencing 9th November for 2 weeks.

Conditions of Entry:

  1. Restriction on Size of Watercolours to be entered for the Open - Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 have been lifted.
  2. However, Artists wishing to be considered to have their Work selected for FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy 2020 must still ensure their Work will be submitted as ½ Watercolour Sheet Size – either portrait or landscape – 56 x 38 cm in either direction.
  3. Work will be 90% Watercolour with the 10% margin allowing for use of water-based inks, or other water-based mediums – no collage.
  4. Work can be submitted on any brand Watercolour paper – recommended 300gsm weight
  5. Artists will have to agree to the sale and/or no sale of their work if selected as ‘Finalists’ to be showcased from the 15th October until the 15th November 2019 - with an online Sale commencing on the 10th November 2019 for 2 weeks - on the Australian Watercolour Muster Website. This is optional – those submitted for ‘Sale’ will be subject to 20% commission to the Australian Watercolour Muster.
  6. The Thirty (30) Artists - including the one (1) Under 30 Artist - selected as Finalists for FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2019 will be required to ship their Work to Brisbane Australia by the 30th October 2019
    (Address: Attention Wyn Vogel – Fish Lane Studios - Unit 601/4 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane – Queensland Australia 4101)
  7. The ten (10) Artists selected from the International Category who agree to submit their Work for the Auction during the Gala Cocktail Party and Auction Event – will be required to ship their Work to Brisbane Australia by the 30th October 2019
    (Address: Attention Wyn Vogel – Fish Lane Studios - Unit 601/4 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane – Queensland Australia 4101)
  8. Artists are responsible for their own freight, insurance both for delivery to and from Brisbane Australia and during the Exhibition period.

There are 3 Categories for Entry:

  1. Australian Adult (Over 18) Artists
  2. Australian Under 30/over 18 Artist
  3. International Adult Artists

From the first 2 Categories (1 & 2)

     The Panel of Curators will select - 30 Artists to ‘represent’ Australia in FabrianoInAcquarello – 2020

  1. 15 of the Australian Artist's Works – including the U30 Emerging Artist Work will physically go to Italy and be in Catalogue, and
  2. Another 15 will be in Catalogue only *** This ‘Rule’ is subject to conditions published by FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020. 
  3. These Works will be physically shipped by the Artist at their own cost to Brisbane and be on display at the Emporium Hotel South Bank and – auctioned at the Gala Cocktail Party with a reserve determined by the Artist – with delivery to the Clients after the end of FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020 .
    ** Clients will have to sign a waiver and be prepared to wait for their painting to be delivered, we will hold the sale monies in a trust account - particularly if it is one of the pieces going to FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy – if it is one of the Catalogue Only pieces – the Work can go straight to the client.

From the International Category (3)

  1. We will select a number of Works to be ‘Showcased on-line from the 15th October to 15th November 2019, from these
  2. 10 International paintings will be selected to be shipped by the Artist to Australia in time for the Gala Cocktail Party and Auction – 9th November 2019 – with a reserve price. These will be available immediately to the Client with the Artists permissions of course – pricing should include commission of 20% - purchasing client will pay the cost of freight for delivery to them.

Other Conditions

  1. Other Finalist's Work sold online during the 2 weeks of Sales at the conclusion of the Australian Watercolour Muster – will be notified to the Artist and the Artist will be responsible for shipping the Work to the Client within 14 business days of notification, again the Client is to pay the freight.

  2. Work will be shipped unframed unless private arrangements are made between the Artist and their Buyer.


  1. Prizes will be awarded in designated categories detailed on the Prizes section of the this website.
  2. Prizes are at the sole discretion of the Organisers and/or the appointed Judge. The Judge’s decision is final.
  3. The Organisers and / or the Judge may decide not to award a prize in a given category for a given year depending on the quality or number of works exhibited.


  1. Whilst all reasonable care will be exercised by the Organisers all entries are submitted at the total risk of the Artist. The Artist indemnifies the Organisers against any claim, loss or damage of whatever nature or cause however occurring and whether directly or indirectly relating to entered works or their delivery.
  2. It is strongly recommended that suitable insurance covers be enacted by the Artist for the duration of the event.


  1. Artists accept responsibility for freight and other charges incurred in the delivery or return of an entry.
  2. Artist’s are responsible for keeping their mobile, email address, GST and EFT payment details up to date on the online system to ensure they receive updates before, during and after the Show, and the appropriate payment for sold artworks.


The Artist hereby authorises the Organisers to photograph, video and/or publish your work for the purposes of producing a catalogue or otherwise promoting the Show by any means.

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