If you have read our Terms and Conditions and

your ready to enter the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2021 - Please click this link below:

Deadline for Submissions - 5pm - 6th August 2021

If you need - please read the following HELP Notes 🌞!

 How to 'Enter' your Artwork for the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2021

When you hit the Orange Button <> at the Top or Bottom of this page you will be taken through to the Gallery 247 Registration Pages. The images below will guide you through the process in Gallery 247

A quick note about Gallery 247

Gallery 247 manages the National Registry for Australian Art and Artists, covering amateur, hobby and professional artists.

Registration is free, and artists are automatically pre-registered for every participating art show. Artists and art lovers alike receive the latest news on what's happening in the art show world.

As an artist you get your own free virtual studio that you can update at any time, as well as create and edit your own bio. Your bio is automatically updated when you win show prizes. You don't even have the hassle and cost of having your own website. And yes - you can sell your works on line too.

Our Partnership With Gallery 247

The 'Australian Watercolour Muster' has chosen to partner with Gallery 247 for a number of reasons:

The following HELP SCREENS
are what you will see to Register and enter the Gallery 247 Site

  1. Click the <> link above or below - and you will see this screen - log in if you are already a Member of Gallery 247 or Register via the 'Green button' below on the form:

2.  When you log in you will be asked to upload your artwork and provide details of your name, address and bank card....etc

3.  Once you have populated your 'My Gallery 247' space you will be able to see your artwork on your MY ART Dashboard and be able to select the Artwork you want to the Australian Watercolour Muster 2021. (Sample images are from Curator Wyn Vogel's Dashboard yours may vary slightly - without the 'Artshow Admin Area')

4.  Scroll down to below your artwork and select the Art Show - Australian Watercolour Muster - right on the bottom 🙃!!

When you click on the link to the 'Australian Watercolour Muster 2021' you will be taken to a screen that has additional boxes on the right hand side of each of your paintings eligible to enter the 'Muster',

See this Category Box below

Then scroll down to the bottom of this web page and click the <Submit Selected Artwork to Show>

5.  Your will then be taken to the <Secure Payment Gateway> and asked to enter your details for payment. 

6.  Once your click the green <Confirm Artwork Submission> your Artwork will be submitted to the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2021 you will receive emails to confirm your Artwork is submitted.

Please read all the Terms and Conditions for the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020 before entering!

Key Dates are also available -

If Your Ready to Enter the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020 - Please Click this Orange Link below:

Deadline for Submissions - 5pm 6th August 2021

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