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Solo Exhibitions for 4 'Best in Muster - 2020

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  1. The Panel of Curators will choose from the four (4) Categories for Entry below - One Artist from each Category, as 'Best in Category' and these artists will be offered a Solo Exhibition to be held in Australian Watercolour Muster/Fish Lane Studios Exhibition Gallery - 4 Edmondstone Street - South Brisbane Queensland Australia 4101 - during an agreed 2 Weeks each over the period of the year 2021.

  2. Mark Lutz of Art House Reproductions - has also donated a Gift Voucher to each of the nominated 2nd Best in each Category - this will be valid to spend on capture and reproduction of one (1) Artwork in house with Mark and his impressive Art House Reproduction Team!

T&C's Solo Exhibition - 'Best In Category Artists':

** Finalists selected as 'Best in Category' from each of the 4 Categories will be consulted as to dates in 2021 - that will suit them for their Solo Exhibition, which are the 1st Prize to be offered in each Category. Conditions apply to these Exhibitions and Artists are asked to note these prior to submitting and entry. Artists who enter and are awarded this recognition need to be prepared to frame/mount ready for Exhibition and ship their Work to Brisbane Australia - please read Items 1 and 2 below:

  1. Cost of Exhibition showing will be covered by the Australian Watercolour Muster 2020 - this will include:
    • Hanging of artwork in the Exhibition Gallery and marketing across the Australian Watercolour Muster social media and network, of the Exhibition in Brisbane for a period of 2 weeks in the Australian Watercolour Muster/Fish Lane Studios new Exhibition Gallery in South Brisbane - Queensland - Australian 4101
    • 15 metres of hanging space is available to each 'Best in Category Artist Exhibition' - this can be made up of differing sized paintings and shall include the 'Work' that was the winning piece for the Artist during the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020.
    • Opening Night - in discussion with the Artist involved to ensure that we agree on number and style of the gala event within a budget to be agreed at the time with the Artist.
    • Artists will agree the dates for their Solo Exhibition and agree to delivery and pick-up their Artwork at the designated times to ensure smooth running of their Event.

  2. Artists Costs:
    • Artists will be required to cover the cost of their framing ready to hang with large size 'D' rings to all work for the agreed Exhibition period during 2020, and
    • Cost of Transport to-and-from the Australian Watercolour Muster/Fish Lane Studios new Exhibition Gallery - 4 Edmondstone Street - South Brisbane - Queensland - Australian 4101
    • 20% commission will be deducted from the Catalogue Price of the Artworks and go toward the ongoing management of the Australian Watercolour Muster for future event years.

A Reminder of the 4 Categories -

ready for Entry from the 5th June to 5th September 2020

**Please Note | Categories 1 to 3 inclusive are open to Australian and this year we invite International Artists to join with us in these 3 Categories - Category 4: Is only open to Australian nationals under 30 years at the time of submission of their Work - this is a special Category to encourage our local Australian Art Scene, to encourage our emerging artists for the future!

  1. Experimental Watercolour I – Artwork to be Watercolour based mediums on primed Board - up to 16" x 20" (inch/imperial) = 40.64 x 50.8cm (metric) we are recommending Ampersand Aquabord for this Category

  2. Experimental Watercolour II - Artwork to be Watercolour mediums on Canvas primed with appropriate grounds to accept watercolour mediums - no larger than 1 x metre in any direction.

  3. Watercolour Paper - on either full or 1/2 sheet watercolour paper – 300gsm or higher any brand, we are being flexible this year with sizing given the changes this year..

  4. Entry for Under 30’s Australian Emerging Artist - Full or half sheet watercolour paper – 300gsm or higher any brand.

For those of you keen to be experimental here is a list of stockists that stock Ampersand Aquabord and Grounds

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