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If you would like to be part of this year - 2020 or our planned Gala - 2021 Australian Watercolour Muster - Biennale - please contact us and join the planning team!

The Goal of the Australian Watercolour Muster is to to create a broader platform for Australian Artists to engage with the International Arts Community and specifically, for the Watercolour community, to take their Work into new and creative fields of endeavour, creating opportunities to share Studios, Exhibit where possible in this World, via the networks we have with Fish Lane Studios International Arts Network and FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy each year.

Your Sponsorship will enable us in a normal year to support approx. 30 Australian Finalists, including 1 x Under 30 Artist to have their Artwork freighted and showcased at FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy each year - an event that attracts artists and suppliers from over 80 countries and is an amazing opportunity for our Australian Artists to share their work and grow or kick start their careers and showcase Australia to the World.

*** Please note - because of the disruption of the current Covid19 Pandemic the current 32 Australian Artists nominated to have their Work showcased in FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy 2020 will be showcased Digitally in 2020 and we anticipate, world health allowing, there will be a physical Exhibition of their Work (which is already in Italy) during April/May 2021. For this reason we anticipate that we will not, be nominating an additional group of Australian Artist's Work from this 2020 Australian Watercolour Muster to go to Italy, however we do want to be prepared if this decision is changed. For this reason we are including a Full and 1/2 Sheet Section in the 4 Categories for Entry to this Digital Showcase 2020 - and any Artist that submits Work on a 1/2 sheet will be held at the ready, as a nomination should the opportunity arise to send more Work to Italy in 2021.

However this year we are offering 1 Artist from each Category of this year 2020 Australian Watercolour Muster - the opportunity to have a 2 Week 'Solo Exhibition' to the value of over $1500 in Brisbane at agreed dates ** T&C's apply.

You will be advised of the dates and invited to be part of each of these 'Celebrations'.

We will showcase your logo on all our marketing materials and as said, involve you in the planning and discussions taking place for this year 2020 and our larger 'Australian Watercolour Muster - Biennale 2021 we are well underway with discussions for this next year!

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