Fish Lane Studios


Creating sustainable – cohesive & vibrant global communities – through the power of our art

Fish Lane Studios is an internationally based creative collective, dedicated to enhancing our built environments for the well-being of those who occupy the space.

Our purpose is to work closely with all sectors of the Community regardless of development status, and ability to pay.

Fish Lane Studios is committed to applying the professional experience of the Collective, to create broad community benefits, through leadership, creative capacity building, developing living environments and skills transfer across continents.

Our Mode

We take the best from all genre of traditional arts to create dynamic, liveable environments incorporating new media/tech capability.

In normal mode - Fish Lane Studios has a particular focus, though not limited to, the clinical environments.

Our goal, is to apply the ‘Research’ that has shown that the use of the ‘Arts’ – has a material beneficial effect on people in a variety of settings, both as an aid to a personal sense of well-being and as a beneficial stimulant to specific areas of treatment and recovery, in healing environments.

Sustainable, cohesive & vibrant global communities.

Paper – Paint – Water – Ink

Ghost Riders and 2014 Catalogue _ The Games People Play

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