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This year 2019 - if your Watercolour Artwork is selected you will be showcased internationally via our

Digital Online 'Australian Watercolour Muster Gallery'

........ from the 15th October '19 until the Gala Cocktail Party and Auction - to be held at the Emporium Hotel South Bank - Brisbane on the weekend of the 9th November '19!

Finalists are to be showcased on the 'Australian Watercolour Muster Gallery' from the month of October 2019 and made available for sale for Collectors for 2 x weeks from the 10th November 2019.

The big kicker is that we will select - 30 Australian Artists, including 1 x Under 30 Artist to have their Works selected and shipped to Italy to hang in honour as our selected Australian Representative Artists - for ............

FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy 2020

Note below: Some of the 2019 - 86 Countries Works hanging below in Fabriano - Italy!!

This year - 2019 - Australian Artist - Julian Bruere has had his Work selected to be part of the FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy 10th Anniversary Travelling Exhibition and then the Work will reside permanently in - The International Watercolour Museum - Fabriano Italy

Congrats to Julian Bruere - our Australian Representative Artist for FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy 2019 ... as a result of his participation in last years 'Call For Artists' Julian has now had his Artwork selected to reside permanently in the International Watercolour Museum - which is a permanent Exhibition and Collection held in the famous paper producing Town of Fabriano - Italy - this is his story >

.....................Last December and I with a number of interested artists were painting in some severe heat in the King Valley region of Central Victoria.

It was hot enough to drive our group into the sanctuary of La Cantina Winery.  We revived ourselves over lunch and reluctantly kept to the cool of the tasting cellar.

Gino Corsini is an Italian Winemaker well respected in this popular wine and painting area.  A quick snap was taken and later in the studio this portrait was painted.  Apart from the rustic and friendly face the real trigger to paint was the summer lighting and particularly that cast of light on his chin.

When the opportunity to exhibit in Fabriano Italy arose I felt that a subject that represented Australia and also honoured the part played by Italian immigration made this picture my natural choice to show as the nominated Watercolour Representative for Australia - 2019.  I was unable to attend the FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy 2019 watercolour meetup in person on this occasion but through social media and contact with some fellow artists who did go was kept in the fold.

The world is getting closer and easier to share our stories and with the other exhibitors I felt flattered to be part of the event.  Subsequently my work was chosen to be exhibited in further touring exhibitions and will be acquired by the museum to remain in a permanent collection.  Gino has never seen his portrait and when next sampling wines in La Cantina may be a little amused to hear of this story and the light on his chin...............!

Follow this link for more Information and Contact with Julian Bruere

This year the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 Events will follow this Calendar:

  • Monday 15th July 2019 - Start of the ‘Call’ For Submission by Artists of their Work for the Australian Watercolour Muster – 2019. (Australian Open Age + Australian Under 30 and International Artists) Finalists will be notified after the 'Curatorial Process' finishes on the 30th September and to be announced on the 9th November 2019 at the Gala Cocktail Party and Auction which is to be held at the Emporium Hotel South Bank – Brisbane – 6pm to late.

Theme for the 'Muster - 2019': ‘Paint Your Own Backyard’

Restriction on the size of Painting for Entry to the Overall - Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 has been lifted.

However, for Australians wanting to be considered for entry to
FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy 2020 Your Painting Size Must Be:

½ sheet = 56 x 38cm watercolour Paper
recommend 300gsm …..... any brand watercolour paper.

Artists are able to submit as many Works as they would like with payment of fees per artwork as per  
Terms and Conditions for more....

  • Sunday 29th September 2019 - Final - Deadline/Close of Submissions for Artwork for all Categories of The Australian Watercolour Muster – 2019.

  • Monday 14th October 2019 - Artists notified of selection for inclusion in the Australian Watercolour Muster Virtual Gallery – 2019.

Monday 14th October 2019 ..... 40 x Artists from all Categories will be notified of selection for the honour of being Hung and Auctioned on the 9th November 2019 at the Australian Watercolour Muster Gala Cocktail Party and Festival AuctionEmporium Hotel South Bank – Brisbane Australia. Works to be shipped by each artist nominated - physically for this event – un-framed ready for us to put into the same recycled cardboard frames as we use in Italy, this is why it is so important to paint on the right size art paper.

The Australian Watercolour Muster Digital Online Gallery will be ‘Live’ Internationally for viewing and sales of Artwork from the 30th September to the 9th November 2019 – when it will be streamed live into the Australian Watercolour Muster Gala Cocktail Party and Festival Auction – Emporium Hotel South Bank – Brisbane Australia.

9 and 10th November 2019 – The Australian Watercolour Muster Weekend will be held at the Emporium Hotel South Bank, with associated Trade Show Events at The Coro Motel - Milton Brisbane Australia
leading up to the Weekend on the 7th and 8th November 2019

The Festival Weekend will include:
• Master Workshops and Demonstrations
• Gala Cocktail Party and Festival Auction
• Visit to significant Brisbane Galleries (TBA)
• An Extended Painting Holiday planned – available for all artists
national and international to Uluru and Kata Tjuta

** 30 Australian Artists – (Including the Finalist Under 30 Artist) - Will be announced at this Event - Selected to Represent Australia at FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020

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