Let's Introduce Our Team - Muster Curator Wyn Vogel

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We're Getting Ready to Showcase - You Our Aussie Artists to the World - So we thought we should introduce you to the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 Team .... we'll add to these profiles over the next few weeks.!

We asked 🌞 Wyn Vogel - Curator of the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 what she's doing, what her Studio looks like .........and what inspires her !

She says ........... Given our first advertising has hit the news stands, we're getting ready to showcase our Aussie Artists to the World - I've had to lock my doors, put lots of coffee on to bubble and sort my paints and my head out......., I'm hoping everyone out there is in the same mode - the deadline for submission of Artwork is complete - we have passed our first milestone and now we're planning the 'Party'..........!

As the Leader of the Australian Watercolour Delegation during the last 2 years 2018/19 and now 2020 for the amazing - Meet-up of Artists from over 80 Countries @ FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy I always feel some demand to create something unique and the same goes for this years entry for the 'Australian Watercolour Muster' 🌞 !!

Inspiration for me involves travel to far flung places, enjoying exploring hidden corners of the earth..... the travel with FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy, .....which we are planning to take you all to...... and my Workshops in France have given me these great moments, meeting locals on the ground, especially artists from different countries is different to being a tourist. We get to go to their local coffee shops and they show us their favourite spots!

In Fabriano - Italy the little town packs out, with chat in 80 different languages, lots of laughs, demonstrations from wonderful inspiring 'Master' artists and a great trade show........... I recommend you don't bring your credit card as you will max it out!

I've been to China and back, in the middle of all this - for the 6th Silk Road International Arts Festival 2019. Exhibition Work were shipped and my paints and brushes, packed to take up the invitation to demonstrate my techniques in Xi'an China and showcase my Watercolour Work - until the 11th October 2019 - but coming home to my little Sky Studio is magic!

Talking about Studios .......It's amazing what you can fit into a tiny space - my large easel slides in and out onto the deck in good weather and I can work on large canvases as well as my watercolour sheets!I love to interact with other artists to discover and explore new mediums and ideas .........in between travel - I've been holding Workshops in the old St Mary's Anglican Church hall on Kangaroo Point - Brisbane Australia and last month was invited to demonstrate to the Victorian Watercolour/Arts Society at one of their Monday Night get together - this was pretty special - they are a great group and I enjoyed their comments and hospitality!

My head was full of the extended trip to Scotland ..... after this years - FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy and Workshops in France. So the plan was to paint .........in the 1 and a bit hours .....the images of the little croft cottages that took my heart away in Scotland............... !

Even though I was concentrating very hard in the photos ....... it was fun to take my calligraphy and big wash brushes to task on this full sheet of Arches 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper - working the reverse to the norm by dropping my dark shadows in first - they laughed at me - saying I paint sideways and I have to take the compliment that it was fun to watch - thanks Guys!

 You're welcome to explore more -


Join me for this Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 

Shortly we will be able to organise details for you to take advantage of group travel to Brisbane for the Nov '19 Party!!


Also big thanks to the Australian Artist - Editor Helen Grant and Robyn Carson for the quick action to get our advert into the September Issue and also to Helen for her Editorial - thanks so much!

Please Contact us if you would like more information !


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