Introducing - Muster Curator Wyn Vogel


Wyn Vogel - Curator and Artist

As the Leader of the Australian Watercolour Delegation during the last 6years since 2018 - for the amazing - Meet-up of Artists from over 80 Countries @ FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy I always feel some demand to create something unique and the same goes for each years entry for the 'Australian Watercolour Muster' 🌞 !!

Inspiration for me involves travel to far flung places, enjoying exploring hidden corners of the earth..... the travel with FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy, .....which we are planning to take you all to...... and my Workshops in France have given me these great moments, meeting locals on the ground, especially artists from different countries is different to being a tourist. We get to go to their local coffee shops and they show us their favourite spots!

In Fabriano - Italy the little town packs out, with chat in 80 different languages, lots of laughs, demonstrations from wonderful inspiring 'Master' artists and a great trade show........... I recommend you don't bring your credit card as you will max it out!

Having been to China and back, just prior to Covid - for the 6th Silk Road International Arts Festival 2019 - it was exciting to pack Exhibition Work and ship with my paints and brushes, to take up the invitation to demonstrate my techniques in Xi'an China and showcase my Watercolour Work - but coming home to my Studio is magic!

  • For the last few years I have been really happy to have an amazing space to share with Artists from all over Australia and internationally visit me on the web >>> in Brisbane Australia
  • The most amazing and exciting thing that has happened over the last 4 years is the evolution of our Australian Watercolour Muster -
    • with the inaugural Event 2019, held in the Penthouse of the Emporium Hotel South Bank - Brisbane - thanks to Fran and Tony Johns amazing patronage and generosity and the hard work and support of the best colleague - Jenny Loveday.
    • 2020 - because of Covid - we held a virtual Eventawarding '4 of our Best in Muster' a Solo Exhibition in the Fish Lane Studios to make up for not being able to take them to Italy and/or a full Exhibition.
    • 2021 - An Amazing - Exhibition in The Old Courthouse Cairns - thanks to the support of our Sponsors and the Cairns Regional Council - thanks to Chris Stannard and his team - 
    • 2022 - we held our Mini-Muster in Dunkeld Victoria - a really fun time over the June Long Weekend with all the locals and some visitors, again with much thanks to Julie Reason for all her support and the Glenn Hunter Art Show - and our wonderful Videographer - Jackie Peacock who has now enabled us to record and revisit our Events via our 

YouTube | Australian Watercolour Muster

- Now 2023 - Just as amazing - we will bring the images from this year's Exhibition and festivities - in Cairns - to you on the same channel!

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