Guest Artist - Giovanni Balzarani - Italy

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Good morning - I am Giovanni Balzarani, one of the four Italian leaders of FabrianoinAcquarello - Italy 2020

I am a professional watercolor painter from Latina, Italy, and I am very happy to be here with you.

I started painting when I was child and I attended Art High School and Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. 

I was always interested on details, looking towards great masters like Durer, Caravaggio, De Chirico and Chuck Close, improving my painting research in all techniques like oil, charcoals, pastels, digital, on all aspects of painting such materials, styles and subjects.

I paint contemporary still life and urban landscape in hyper-realism style.

My experience of fine art restorer leaded me to use and bring restoration and decoration techniques into watercolor world like: 

  • painting background and washes, 
  • transferring oil painting perfection on watercolor, 
  • improving execution technique: in many restoration works watercolor is used to rebuild paintings on frescoes and on canvas.

Restoration gave me also the patience to keep painting on a very wide time with an high level of concentration, from start to end, especially on fine and small details, for hours and hours.

I bring a lot of restoration tools, that I can apply on my hyper-realist watercolors, like brushes with small numbers (from five zero to six), cleaning soaps, pigments and paper knowledge. 

Among these tools I have found a very interesting one for my research on using old techniques and tools into a contemporary approach: 

in restoration field the sea sponge is widely used to decorate as stone and marble effect and to dry surfaces; 

I use it now for my still life dark backgrounds, plugging it softly on many layers and shades, in order to have a final homogeneous background.

Today we have a huge amount of old and contemporary tools that help us painting and research push us to find and re-use them in another way than before, mixing them to create different styles and new creations. 

Thank you - Giovanni Balzarani

Watercolor Artist - Italy

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