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Artist | Donna Acheson-Juillet

Prehistoric Grafitti

Size 56 x 38 cm | Watercolour on 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper

Congratulations - International Finalist in the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019

Donna's Artwork will hang during our Gala Cocktail Party and Auction on the 9th November 2019, and be available for you to buy via Auction @ The Emporium Hotel South Bank - from 6.30 to 9.30pm that evening!


Donna is a Member of the Société Française d'Aquarelle, SFA.

Donna's Artist Statement .......

“Watching the water push back the pigment, dribble down loaded with colour or pull the paint into a delicate frond fascinates me. This obession with the waterdrop, but also a need for controlled spontaneity and a good amount of flexibility is my approach to watercolour painting. I start with a plan, a basic layout, a story. Then the water is either dropped into the paint, placed beside the pigment or sprayed into it. From then on it’s the painting that tells me where it wants to go.”

Canadian Donna Acheson-Juillet started drawing at a young age but her true passion, watercolour painting, blossomed after she adopted France as her second home. She paints with freedom, often mixing the figurative with the abstract in an attempt to move beyond her subject to the spirit within it.

Initially inspired by the serenity that emanates from the untamed nature and large open spaces of her homeland, Canada, her move to France in 1988 enabled her to further develop her creativity. Looking beyond her native references, she was afforded a unique opportunity that opened her spirit to new influences.

Her fascination with the way the elements she uses (transparent or opaque pigments, sometimes ink and of course water) mix and interact has led her to develop a personal approach that enables her to illuminate even the subtlest contrasts between light and shadow and achieve a delicate transparency and harmony of colour that is fortified by rich textures.

Donna has taught creative watercolour for more than 15 years while living in France and Dubai. She has currently illustrated 10 books and has exhibited her work in France, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. She has recently participated in watercolour salons such as Namur, Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’eau, Margency and Aguillon. This summer she will participate in the watercolour salon at St. Yrieix la Perche. She was awared prizes during the salons at Ribeauvillé, the Open Water Exhibition in Calgary, Canada, the Salon d’Arts de Maison-Lafitte in 2013 and in Uckange in 2014.

“When you see one of her paintings, your imagination overflows with ideas and takes control of your mind, soul and body. You can not stop your whirring imagination even if you tried. Assailed by your own unsuspected creativity you loose your breath as you look at these paintings. To me that is what abstract painting is all about: opening the mind to the locked up imagination. And that, is exactly what Donna Acheson's paintings do.”


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