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Artist | Amarjeet Maan Kalsi

Red Unwrapped III

Size 56 x 38 cm | Watercolour on 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper

Congratulations - International Finalist in the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019

Amarjeet's Artwork will hang during our Gala Cocktail Party and Auction on the 9th November 2019, and be available for you to buy via Auction @ The Emporium Hotel South Bank - from 6.30 to 9.30pm that evening!


I am a self taught artist from India and born in the beautiful city Bangalore. I grew up seeing my talented mother often knitting or busy with some colorful embroidery in her free time, which I picked up from her at a very early age. Spent most of my summers content with my crayons and drawing books, actually anything that had to do with being creative.

I started painting since I was in kindergarten and I still remember winning my first award when I was 6 years old, I had drawn and coloured a mother elephant with her calf and then entering and mostly winning school and college level painting competitions became an important part of my life.

I graduated in textile design and science.

The busy schedule of my professional life was working with the design/merchandise teams of reputed brands/labels from Europe and the US took over all my time but this satiated my need of art .

Then the joy of motherhood took me away from my passion till I was reunited with it a few years back.

The time spend planning each painting, from composing, the photograph, the lighting, to the time my brush engages the paper to the last stroke of paint, I find myself in absolute happiness and fulfillment.

Various subjects are of my interest, still life being my favorite and convenient to my ways of life.

I have a special love for play of light as it passes through glass/crystal and then the birth of colour by refraction, reflections and shadows that result thereof, making it representational of what I see.

I have a great passion for travelling, photography and writing travelogues for which I have won an award too.

To me these mediums are just a way of reliving a journey, experiencing the essence of each beautiful moment that took me to its destination

“Everyday being the first day of my journey to learn and paint as I continue to evolve with every passing day” 

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