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Artist | Didier Brot

Cantonnier - The Road Man - SOLD

Watercolour on Paper


Congratulations - International Finalist in the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019

Didier's Artwork will hang during our Gala Cocktail Party and Auction on the 9th November 2019, and be available for you to buy via Auction @ The Emporium Hotel South Bank - from 6.30 to 9.30pm that evening!


Chapeau - SOLD

Watercolour on Paper


Didier's Approach

For me, a watercolor is all at once, an emotion and a story. The story that the painter tells himself and that the spectator will have to continue. The painter sets the scene, the characters are behind the scenes, each to animate them in the scene of his choice. I paint what touches me, which moves me. The poetry of everyday life, the part of humanity of places and things, in other words, the trace of man over the world.

On my writing, one could say that there is none. Indeed to avoid being "labeled", recognized too easily, but also by taste of the challenge, for fear of falling asleep and copying myself, I realize only small series of a theme using a technique, a support, in short a writing but on 12 watercolors maxi. Then we change everything and start a new adventure.

Picasso said: "It's dangerous to be successful, you start copying yourself and copying yourself is more dangerous than copying others ... it's sterile."

Pleasure to discover, to learn.

Didier BROT

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