Fees and Commissions

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  • Registration Entry Fee per art work etc $15
  • Acceptance Fee for Finalists - non-refundable $45
  • Commissions levied on sales of artwork 20%
  1. Registration and Acceptance fees from the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 will cover the cost of freight for the selected 30 Artists Artwork to FabrianoInAcquarello – Italy 2020
  2. As agreed to advised .... it has been confirmed by the Organisers in the ' Rules for FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy May 2020 ' - released October 2019 - Artists selected for 'Hanging and In Catalogue' will pay an additional 70 Euro Entry Fee and Artists selected for 'In Catalogue Only' will pay an additional 40 Euro Entry Fee - payable to FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy May 2020. Invoicing will be completed separately by the Curator - Fish Lane Studios for these FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy Entry Fees by 30th December 2019. Hard Copy Catalogues for FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy May 2020 are not covered by this Entry Fee and will require postage from Italy at each Artists own cost - this will be notified in the attached invoicing to each successful Artist before 30th December 2019.
  3. Artists will have to cover their own airfare, travel and accommodation costs if they wish to go with their Artwork to Italy in May 2020 – Dates have been advised - for FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy are 25th to 31st May in Fabriano, with an additional Painting Holiday to take place in Milan - Italy from 1st to 4th June 2020. Please click through the FabrianoInAcquarello Rules for more details - these are independent Rules to any contained here for the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019.

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