Date Holder Only - The Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020

Date: Friday Jun 5, 2020, 1:00 am

In any normal year - the 'Australian Watercolour Muster' has been created to be the 'Open' platform for 30 Australian Artists to be nominated for selection to have their Watercolour Artwork selected to be showcased in FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy which is a Watercolour Symposium and Exhibition held each year in Fabriano Italy, attended by Artists from over 80 countries.  Given the uncertainty of this year and the problems of international travel - this year we are offering some exciting prizes for all our Artists - given the unknown issues around travel and exhibition internationally for 2021!

So - our 4 'Best in Muster Artists - 2020 will each be offered 2 Week - Solo Exhibitions in 2021

**Please Note | Categories 1 to 3 inclusive are open to Australian and this year we invite International Artists to join with us in these 3 Categories - Category 4: Is only open to Australian nationals under 30 years at the time of submission of their Work - this is a special Category to encourage our local Australian Art Scene, to encourage our emerging artists for the future!

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