Join us for the announcement of the 4 x 4 Best in Muster - 2020 Artists


From: Monday October 12, 2020, 10:00 am

To: Monday October 12, 2020, 11:30 am

Join us for the announcement of the 4 x 4 Best in Muster - 2020 Artists

Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020 Morning Tea

Emporium Hotel South Bank - 10am

30 Tickets to support our Under 30's Emerging Australian Artist - 2020

Join us for |

  • The announcement of the 4 Best In Muster - Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020 - Growing our Australian Art Scene internationally - particularly for our Under 30's Mentoring and Sponsorship Program, and
  • The 4 x 2nd place - Best in Muster Artists who will receive vouchers for reproduction of their Artwork from Mark Lutz of Art House Reproductions Brisbane.



This year there were four (4) Categories for Entry to the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020 - One Artist from each Category below, will be selected as 'Best in Category' and offered a Solo Exhibition** to be held in Australian Watercolour Muster/Fish Lane Studios Exhibition Gallery - 4 Edmondstone Street - South Brisbane Queensland Australia 4101 - during an agreed 2 Weeks each over the period of the year 2021.

Solo Exhibitions for 4 'Best in Muster - 2020

  1. Experimental Watercolour I – Artwork to be Watercolour based mediums on primed Board - up to 16" x 20" (inch/imperial) = 40.64 x 50.8cm (metric) we are recommending Ampersand Aquabord for this Category - follow this link to find out more about Stockists and Tips for Use of the Aquabord.

  2. Experimental Watercolour II - Artwork to be Watercolour mediums on Canvas primed with appropriate grounds to accept watercolour mediums - no larger than 1 x metre in any direction.

  3. Watercolour Paper - on either full or 1/2 sheet watercolour paper – 300gsm or higher any brand

  4. Entry for Under 30’s Australian Emerging Artist - half sheet watercolour paper – 300gsm or higher any brand




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The Emporium Hotel South Bank

267 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

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