The Angel and the Commander

The Commander had fought, lost and won thousand and thousand battles.

He had solid shoulders and tanned skin.

The hard face of someone used to fighting.

His brave warrior heart retained the joyful instincts of when he was a child.


The Angel had large wings that could embrace a large world.

She had a supple body, because with sacrifice and perseverance she had learned to fly.

She knew how to understand, love, laugh, but she was no longer able to cry.


The commander was born from the sea, and like the sea he was rebellious and angry,

but also free, happy, clear.


The Angel came from the wind, and as the wind she was imaginative and light,

but also pungent and bad.


They had known each other since always, because once they had met

and because the sea has always lived by the wind and the wind feeds the sea.


Without being aware of it, they were alive in each other's hearts

and when the moment came and nature united their elements,

they were ready to fly and sail together in one harmony.


However, their worlds were far away.


They couldn't live close,

but in the heart, they kept the warmth of knowing they were united.


They couldn't love each other,

but their voices produced music that enveloped them more than love.


When the Commander was angry, the Angel suffered

and when the Angel was bad, the commander was angry.


Sometimes they met to play on the beaches where the sea chases the wind.

Then and only then, fear, sadness, melancholy and tiredness,

in that magical game, were transformed in courage and energy growing from each other.


The Angel was amazed every time

and the Commander was happy of such a joy.


They never knew what mysterious force moved the threads of that fairy tale.

They never wondered if it was right to play that game.


They never dared to dream that the game would become reality.

They never questioned the voices of the heart to understand their true desires.


They only blissfully intoxicated themselves in the joy of the game and regained courage.

Then they returned to their worlds.


- I can't help but love you - said the Angel - I'm afraid of losing you -

The Commander smiled:

- It's not something you can or can't do, it's something that is there and always will be.

Nobody can take it off.


The Angel finally spread his wings and for a long time cried.

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