The Watercolour Work - that caught our Judges eye - You can now buy Prints from Lisa's Print Site

Brunetti Café is one of the most desirable coffee shops and Pastisseries in Melbourne - we all hang out for their cake and coffee - this is a classic image of the hustle and bustle in the Café - this piece of Work was the 'Entry' that attracted our Australian Watercolour Muster's attention and won her one of our 'Best in Muster' Places!

Lisa's prize was to have her Artwork converted by Mark Lutz and his Team, at Art House Reproductions here in Brisbane - ready for high resolution Giclee print reproduction and so although this Original Artwork has gone to a new home - you can also have a copy to almost any size as your own click the image below or this link to browse and buy >>>>

Busy Baristas at Brunetti

When you log into Lisa's Pages on the Buy Art Now - Online Gallery
you are able to choose size and materials for your Print!

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Australian Watercolour Muster test

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