Cairns Regional Council

Cairns Regional Council provides community services and facilities, and it is also responsible for making and enforcing local laws. Traditionally, councils have provided services such as roads, water supply and sewerage, but more and more they are becoming involved in the social, economic and cultural development of their communities, and in improving local living environments


Innovation is in the genes of the company.  The Montgolfier brothers invented the first hot-air balloon in 1782. But first and foremost, they were paper manufacturers. Over the centuries, the company created numerous manufacturing processes such as the Hollander beater to tear up rag, pulp dying to obtain uniform coloured paper, etc. They also innovated with vellum paper, then tracing paper in 1809. In 1865, Canson® obtained a patent for a photo paper which simplified printing operations.

Canson® continues to offer products in keeping with consumer expectations: school pack, technical drawing paper, fine art printing paper, papers for digital art printing and photos, etc.


Ampersand's acid-free signature painting surfaces inspire great art in every media from oils to watercolors. From the beautiful clay finish of Claybord, to the fine canvas texture of the Artist Panel, artists are invited to explore, imagine and create without boundaries.

Arches Paper

Great artists like Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Raoul Dufy, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Marc Chagall, Joan Miro, René Magritte, Salvador Dali, Pierre Soulages, Zao Wou Ki, Roy Lichtenstein, Bernard Buffet, Andy Warhol, Pierre Alechinsky, and many more, have produced some of their major works on ARCHES® paper. They are our best ambassadors. Their choice bears witness to the outstanding quality and permanence of ARCHES® papers.


MaimeriBlu features an absolute purity of pigments that, together with gum arabic, compose the totality of the mixture. Imperceptible, transparent, clean. No blending powders, and no additives. Nothing harmonises or synchronises the shift between the various shades. The real value lies in the transparency of its colours and in the freshness of its washes. It is the whiteness of the paper that illuminates this type of painting. The light is behind the colour.

Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Princeton Artist Brush Co. is one of the largest brush-makers in North America. Since our start in 1992, artist brushes have been the sole focus of Princeton. Other brush companies make paint, paper, canvas, pastels and easels. Princeton makes one thing: the best quality, most fairly priced artist brushes available today.

Emporium Hotel South Bank

Experience an exquisite new standard in boutique luxury accommodation, exceptional dining and exquisite events at Emporium Hotel South Bank, Brisbane’s cultural epicentre.

Oxlades Art Supplies

Oxlades is a family-owned and operated art supplies business that has been servicing artists and institutions in Queensland for more than 100 years. Learn more about our company history.


Fish Lane Studios

Creating sustainable – cohesive & vibrant global communities – through the power of our art

Fish Lane Studios is an internationally based creative collective, dedicated to enhancing our built environments for the well-being of those who occupy the space.

Art House Reproductions

Art House Reproductions & Inkjet Lab, affectionately known as Art House, is well recognized as the leaders in Fine Art Reproduction Image Capture and Print processes in Australia.

2021 sees Art House Reproductions celebrating 20 years in business, based at Bowen Hills in Brisbane. Art House began in 2001 when I joined forces with another well know Queensland photographer, Len Phillips to create a unique business in Australia catering to artists and photographers alike, helping them succeed with their businesses.

Picture Hanging Systems

Picture Hanging Systems design, manufacture, supply and install all kinds of systems for hanging pictures, photos, art & mirrors.

In 2005 I started a company in Brisbane with a great range of products and an installation service. A one-man-band working from a workshop underneath a 'Queenslander' style home. Dealing primarily in the local art installation business from the start and helping art galleries, and art lovers alike to display their works in a simple and effective way but finding a careful balance within their surrounding environment. This business has grown into an Australia wide distribution business as well as the installation services provided now across 4 states.

Australian Watercolour Muster test

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