International Guest Artist

Guest Artist - Giovanni Balzarani - Italy

This month of August we are excited to bring you some more inspiration from our internationals network of Artists - Giovanni Balzarani - Hyper-Realist painter Italy ........who has kept me intrigued for over a month now with the progression of this gorgeous Work - meticulously sketched and painted - so different to my abstract approach, so much fun to experience watching another Artist at work, so I'm really happy to share this with you for the same enjoyment!

Giovanni says ........I paint contemporary still life and urban landscape in hyper-realism style.

My experience of fine art restorer leaded me to use and bring restoration and decoration techniques into watercolor world like: 

  • painting background and washes, 
  • transferring oil painting perfection on watercolor, 
  • improving execution technique: in many restoration works watercolor is used to rebuild paintings on frescoes and on canvas.

Restoration gave me also the patience to keep painting on a very wide time with an high level of concentration, from start to end, especially on fine and small details, for hours and hours.......... explore the progression of this one artwork!

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