Stingers by Heather Delaney

ARTIST NOTES: This experimental watercolour highlights the flowing tentacles of the stingers flowing with the poured watercolour to create this underwater scene.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 129.00 cm X Width - 74.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Canvas
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-41579-0141-01
COPYRIGHT © Heather Delaney
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Artist: Heather Delaney


Heather grew up at Jimbour on the treeless plains west of Toowoomba where the vast horizons shimmer and melt into infinity. Heather has been involved in art since her teenage years, an active member of the Dalby Art Group, participated in four McGregor Art Schools, worked as a professional photographer and is a current tutor and member of the Redcliffe Art Society after serving on their committee for many years. Students embrace Heather’s ‘just have a go’ attitude especially when using the watercolour “pouring technique” to allow the water to take you on an exciting, colourful, unpredictable journey.  Heather also teaches paper stretching, pouring transparent washes with water based mediums, the use of masking fluid and how to retain white paper without using a lot of brushwork.

Achievements include, exhibiting in group shows, selection and winning sections at RAS (Redcliffe Art Society) Art of Excellence, Eva Hekel Award, Mayors choice and numerous awards at local shows. Her latest achievement being selected by ‘The Australian Watercolour Muster’ and her working “Pinching Pomegranates” to be displayed worldwide in the catalogue for FabrianoInAcquarello Italy 2020. Winner of Best Watercolour at the Brisbane Macgregor Lions Art Extravaganza 2019.

More of Heathers work can be viewed on her Facebook page ‘Heather Delaney Art’.


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