An Authentic Family Portrait by Sarah Groat

ARTIST NOTES: A humorous interpretation of the typical family portrait. This work in watercolour, on A3 300GSM cotton paper, portrays a family of zebra finches, which were studied on an outback station near Wilcannia, NSW. In family portraits, there seems to always be at least one family member doing something off-kilter. Some subjects conform to the social requirements of a portrait, and other family members do their best to make their escape. These traits of those who sit in family groups for portraits are in particular exacerbated by the colourful social antics of zebra finches. While I lived on the station, the zebra finches helped me to combat the isolation, and indeed they felt like family, leading to the creation of this painting. Based on several photographs capturing the zebra finches in unfiltered moments in time, this work is a humble homage to the tiny Australian birds that helped me so much. NOTE: Size listed includes the frame. Work without frame is A3 in size. Colours have slightly more depth and contrast, and work is clearer in real life.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 38.50 cm X Width - 61.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
REGISTERED NRN # 000-43734-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Sarah Groat
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Artist: Sarah Groat


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