About The Australian Watercolour Muster

Showcasing the Colours of Australia

Our goal is to create a broader platform for Australian Artists to engage with the International Arts Community and specifically, for the Watercolour community, to take their Work into new and creative fields of endeavour, creating opportunities to share Studios, Exhibit where possible in this World.

We are introducing 2 Exciting New 'Experimental' Categories

This year 2020 we want to tempt your creativity and encourage you, as Artists to try something different so please check out our Terms and Conditions which outline exactly how to let your hair down - however, we still have to set some standards to enable us to manage the judging of this diversity and emerging presentations of your Work.

There will be four (4) Categories for Entry to the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020:

  1. Experimental Watercolour I – Artwork to be Watercolour based mediums on primed Board - up to 16" x 20" (inch/imperial) = 40.64 x 50.8cm (metric) we are recommending Ampersand Aquabord for this Category to find out more about Stockists and Tips for Use of the Aquabord.

  2. Experimental Watercolour II - Artwork to be Watercolour mediums on Canvas primed with appropriate absorbent grounds to accept watercolour mediums - no larger than 1 x metre in any direction.

  3. Watercolour Paper - on either full or 1/2 sheet watercolour paper – 300gsm or higher any brand

  4. Entry for Under 30’s Australian Emerging Artist - half sheet watercolour paper – 300gsm or higher any brand

For stockists of the above new Watercolour Materials follow this link

** All Work is to be submitted in photographic format on the Gallery 247 on-line art and art show management system.

Within each of the Categories - you are welcome to choose any subject matter you feel touches you emotionally from your 'Country of Origin' or a 'Story' you would like to tell – so when we put them all together – we will have the images of Australia and the wonderful imagery hopefully, of many countries hanging together on our ‘Digital On-line Exhibition Gallery’ please refer to the Critical Dates for Entry of your Artwork to the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2020

*** Please note - because of the disruption of the current Covid19 Pandemic the current 32 Australian Artists nominated to have their Work showcased in FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy 2020 will be showcased Digitally in 2020 and we anticipate, world health allowing, there will be a physical Exhibition of their Work (which is already in Italy) during April/May 2021. For this reason we anticipate that we will not, be nominating an additional group of Australian Artist's Work from this 2020 Australian Watercolour Muster to go to Italy, however we do want to be prepared if this decision is changed. For this reason we are including a Full and 1/2 Sheet Section in the 4 Categories for Entry to this Digital Showcase 2020 - and any Artist that submits Work on a 1/2 sheet will be held at the ready, as a nomination should the opportunity arise to send more Work to Italy in 2021.

Our Curators

Neil Taylor - Vice President of The Australian Watercolour Institute

Neil Taylor was born in Brisbane in 1953, and studied painting with William Robinson at Kelvin Grove Teachers College in 1970/72 and has held almost 50 exhibitions since 1975. He is Vice President of the Australian Watercolour Institute.

With superb technical skill, Neil paints by combining a variety of styles collaged together and often uses photographic sources. His subjects are idealized poetic interpretations of wilderness and oceans. While often working from expeditions to remote areas of Australia he is currently painting subjects closer to where he lives in the Blue Mountains area west of Sydney.

Neil Taylor has been a Finalist in major prizes; most recently the Tattersalls Club Landscape Art Prize (2018). His has exhibited in the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, KAAF Art Prize and Calleen Art Award, Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Art Prizes. He is a past Winner of the Mount Eyre and Gosford Art Prizes, winner of the Viewer's Choice Award for the Mosman Art Prize, and People's Choice and Volunteers' Choice Award at the Stanthorpe Art Festival.

Jude Scott - Western Australian Watercolour Society

As passionate advocate for watercolour during the last twenty years, Jude has taught the medium for many years throughout Western Australia at many venues and also tutors overseas workshops.

She has a love of sharing her watercolour experiences with others finding teaching the perfect way to stay inspired, always aspiring to experiment and learn more.

Jude’s work showcases strength and vibrancy in her colourful compositions, displaying interesting mark making and visual textures.

Wyn Vogel - Creative Director - Fish Lane Studios

Wyn has been the invited Leader of The Australian Watercolour Delegation to FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy, with her Work showcased as part of the selected Australian Works hung in Italy 2018/19 and now 2020.

Most recently Wyn has exhibited her Watercolour Work in joint Exhibitions in Coquelles and Gaillon - France and delivered Watercolour Workshops in Gaillon 2018 and the French Village of Saint-Maixme-Hauterive - 2019 and Exhibited and demonstrated at the 6th Silk Road International Art Exhibition in Xi'an China in September - 2019.

Wyn’s large format works vary from drawn work to watercolour, oil and acrylic glazing – pastel and mixed media work on paper, canvas to built ‘Installations’ – both public and private.

Wyn is an experienced project manager – with professional experience in developing systems for the management of software/multimedia development environments associated with the production of interactive simulation training platforms for defence and aerospace.

Comment in Support of the Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 by President of the Watercolour Society of Queensland Inc. Jenny Loveday ............

One of the most important reasons for the Watercolour Society of Queensland inc to participate and get behind The Inaugural Australian Watercolour Muster - 2019 is to help and enjoy the excellent value and awareness for Australian watercolour art and our artists.   

2019 Inaugural Australian Watercolour Muster, was a stimulating opportunity for our watercolour artists to show their impression of ‘Paint your Backyard' and even more rewarding that it will be showcased to other Australian artists and the World through the Muster. 
To be part of an event which will create and support the development and professional career of an under 30’s Watercolour Artist has been a long passion and priority to the Watercolour Society of Queensland Inc. Our Society members and team are very proud and keen to support this program.  The Muster really is  part of the bigger picture for Australian watercolour. Wyn Vogel congratulations on your tireless efforts and to the people and sponsors who support this event..................!      

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